4 Ways To Make Your Tech Last Longer

  • June, 5

Anyone who’s ever bought a computer or smartphone knows how much it costs.  Putting down such a significant amount of money on something makes you want it to last for as long as possible.  However, despite many people trying their best efforts to keep their tech out of harm’s way, they still find their devices running slow or developing issues prematurely.

So how do you extend your tech’s life just a little bit longer?  Here are some of the best strategies for extending its lifespan.

Don’t Charge Your Battery To 100%

It may seem logical to charge your phone all the way when it’s running low.  After all, it will stay charged longer the higher the charge percentage is, right? Wrong. Research shows that your phone’s battery will start to degrade over time if you charge it to the maximum amount each time.

Try to charge your battery to just under 100%, and you’ll find that over time your battery will last much longer than a phone with the same age which was charged fully each time.

Get a Good Quality Case

Bumps and drops happen regardless of how much we might try to avoid them.  All it takes is one slip of the hand for our device to fall in just the right way, leading to a tragic crack.  A cracked screen can be devastating, especially when you see the price tag attached to fixing it.

The frustration and sadness of breaking your screen can be avoided entirely by merely investing in a good quality case.  Spending as little as $15 can save you hundreds on repairing your screen. When you compare the small investment of a case to taking it into the repair shop, the savings are evident.

Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions

Exposing your tech to extreme cold or extreme heat can seriously damage it.  Not only could your battery prematurely drain, but you could find yourself with a cracked screen, melted battery, and even condensation inside.

You’re better off keeping your device safely inside your pocket or bag if you are in extreme temperatures.

Don’t Get It Wet

It may seem innocent to pull out your phone in the middle of a rainstorm or text someone after you get out of the shower.   However, all it takes is a few drops to wreak havoc on your device.

Be careful about exposing your tech to water.  If you’re working on your computer, make sure that any liquids like coffee or a glass of water are far away from the keyboard.  All it takes is one accidental spill to find yourself having to replace your device altogether.

Even alleged “waterproof” devices aren’t so waterproof if they’re completely submerged, so err on the side of caution.

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