5 Things To Avoid Wearing On a First Date

  • November, 1

There are few things more nerve-wracking than going on a first date.  It’s normal to be feeling a combination of unsure and hopeful at the same time. After all, it’s possible, right? Every great love story started with an initial meeting, so who’s to say that you may not be meeting the love of your life on this first date?

Since there’s always the possibility that she may very well be the one, you should make sure that you dress the part of the charming leading man.  Don’t blow your chances at love by slacking on your attire. Make sure that you avoid wearing the following things to avoid fashion disasters.

Strong Cologne

A lot of men think that putting on heavy amounts of cologne is something that all women appreciate.  However, smell is one of those things which is extremely subjective. You never know when you will meet someone who may not only detest strong smells but may be downright allergic.

You’re better off playing it safe and apply cologne which is very light amount or none at all.  It’s not worth potentially blowing your date altogether just because you decided to go too heavy handed on the cologne.

Athletic Wear

Even though you may have just come from the gym or want to feel as comfortable as possible during such a stressful event like a first date, you should never wear your sweats and tank top to a first date.

Even though you may be comfortable, you’re likely going to give the impression that you don’t care about your appearance.  As a result, she may think that you don’t really care.

If you’re not clear on what “athletic wear” means exactly, just try not to wear something which you wouldn’t wear to the gym to do exercise in.

A Stained Shirt

Even though you may see a stain on your shirt and assume no one else will notice it, you can be sure that a lady sitting across from you talking to you for an hour or more during a first date will more than likely notice the stain.

Even though accidents happen, and we all suffer spills from time to time, wearing a shirt with stains on it is going to give the impression that you may not be very clean. You should throw that shirt in the back of your drawer and save it for a rainy day instead of a first date.


Before you get any ideas that people don’t realize that your pants are actually pajamas, you should stop right there.  Do not wear pajamas under any circumstances to a date if you expect to have a second one.

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