Denim Trends That Will Be A Rage In 2018

  • February, 27

Nothing in the world can challenge the dominance of denims in the world of fashion. Whether you are young or old, going around town with friends or trimming the lawn, a denim can always make you look awesome. However, every year, denim undergoes minor tweaks that help in keeping the good old fabric trendy forever.

Denims will be a rage in 2018 as they are coming to stores near you in brand new avatars. This year, the plain selvedge will be a hit as most people will try to stick to the basics. They match up with almost any outfit and are great for any occasions. However, the other trends are going to be spunky and quite refreshing. Check them out below.

Distressed denims

Everybody loves distressed denims. They were a fashion staple back in time and they are making a major comeback in 2018 as well. This year, distressed denim will be more stylish than ever. The idea is to make the wear and tear look as natural as possible. Go for denims that fit your snugly and show a natural wear.

If you are feeling adventurous, opt for the loosely fitted denims that have huge cuts in between. They are for the fashion forward and can be pulled off by the pros. If you don’t want to take a risk, stick to the former. The more rugged your jeans look this year, the better your overall look will be.

Denim shirt

If you haven’t bought a denim shirt this season, you could be doing yourself a huge disservice. They will remain hot this season and may continue in 2019 as well. But don’t stop here. Denim jackets will be a great pick for the season too. The denim shirts you buy should be light blue washes with mild distress (if you like that). Some faded designs will also look great.

Go for fitted denim jackets (a looser fit will also do) and team then up with short but crisp solid colored shirts. You can also opt for fitted t-shirts in bold and solid colors to match with your shirt. This year, double denims will also be in vogue. Yes, you can wear a denim shirt or jacket over a pair of jeans and still manage to look great this season. Don’t forget to try it.

Grey wash

The grey wash of the nineties is making a massive comeback this year. Grey is a hypnotizing color for denim and they can manage to look sleek as well as casual at the same time. Make it a straight fit and don’t opt for anything too tight. The finish should be pale or faded at best. The grey wash jeans should be paired with a solid color on top. Don’t try to wear an overly colorful shirt or jacket with this jean. Keep it to the bare minimal when it comes to color and make sure it is bold and solid. The shoes should also be dark.

Ready for denim shopping? Which trends are you buying? Let me know in the comments below.

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