Is Double Denim A Serious Trend For 2018?

  • June, 21

What comes to your mind first when you think about double denims? If it is Justin Timberlake, we don’t blame you. The man has become a symbol of this style, although we are not sure if we would like to copy his fashion.

However, everybody is going crazy about denims this season and it is highly likely that double denims will be seen on runways around the world. Do you think this style trend is right for you?

Double denims are legit

The 2018 fashion files will certainly contain a page for double denims. You don’t really have to go with the creepier styles though. Just like everything from the nineties, this style is making a comeback too. If you are a jean lover, this trend is absolutely right for you. In fact, it could be a good way to relive your childhood wearing a style so nostalgic.

Make sure that you don’t go overboard with this style. One wrong choice and you could ruin your look beyond salvage. The best way to wear them is to ensure that you work with more modern texture. Don’t go out in your dad jeans and jackets that you saved from the nineties.

They are not in fashion anymore. Instead of doing this, you could pair up a beautiful denim shirt in a softer, more comfortable style coupled with a grey wash or regular blue wash jeans. It looks almost surreal and you will definitely look like a video model from the last decade of the previous century.

It doesn’t work for everyone

Let’s understand one thing about this trend- it is not for everyone. Not every style that rocks the runways is right for the streets and you shouldn’t jump into this trend mindlessly either. If you are fashion forward, a bit of a wild child and don’t mind taking risks, this style is for you. If you don’t identify as a hipster or are aged 30 or more, I suggest you to tread this path very carefully.

The best way to rock this look is to find different textures and patterns. For the bottom, look for a plain grey wash but stick to a lighter color for the shirt. Add a pair of loafers to the mix and you are good to go. You could also go for dark denim jackets on the top and a lighter wash for the bottom. Just make sure that you don’t wear the same thing for the shirt/jacket and the trouser. It can be an absolute fashion disaster.

If you are having problems in pairing a t-shirt with a denim jacket and bottom, always opt for the white shirt. It is a classic look and doesn’t look that odd. Don’t add a sparkle of colors to the t-shirt and keep it as plain as possible. A simple button down white shirt also looks good with this ensemble. Believe it or not, this is the only ensemble that could go wrong with a black shirt or t-shirt. So be very careful. If you are conservative, just stay away from this look.

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