What on Earth Is Smart Casual and How to Rock This Look?

  • February, 11

The smart causal look is becoming a staple of this decade. It is redefining how men approach fashion and is changing both our casual and formal looks. The smart casual look is sleek and smart, yet extremely laidback and comfortable. Every year, we see dozens of new looks added to the smart casual repository and they all look amazing.

Do you want to update your style with smart casuals? Here is all that you will need to know.

What is smart casual?

When it comes to casuals, most men think about slipping on a pair of flip flops, wearing dad jeans and a rocking a t-shirt that should belong to a man 3 sizes bigger than then. The younger generation is slightly more fashion forward with cool check shirts, chinos and several slip-on shoes. However, you will see a completely different approach when it comes to smart casuals.

This style of clothing blends in the comfort of casual clothes and the sleek style of formals into one. If you recently spotted celebrities moving around in classy chinos, razor cut blazers and beautiful shirts and tees, you just got a hint of what a smart casual style looks like. It is a contrasting yet seamlessly blended style. Whether you are going on a date or meeting a potential investor for your business in a coffee shop, this style is perfect for you.

However, it is easy to go wrong with the smart casual style. So, we will learn about the basic aspects of this style to help you rock the look.


The very definition of smart casuals is a fitted blazer in a variety of colors and designs. A finely made blazer can easily add individual style and personality to your look. Neutral blazers are always a cool idea because they can be worn with several different outfits. If you are looking for more specific and carefully crafted looks, opt for colorful blazers or look for some amazing patterned designs. There is no way a man could go wrong with a blazer.

Shirts and tees

The best option is to go for a traditional design and color. They are more versatile and can be paired with almost any neutral colored blazer, trousers or even shorts. With tees, white is always a favorite. The tee should not be too bold. opt for a regular fit and make sure it doesn’t fit too snugly on your body. Shirts should be looser too, if worn with a blazer. However, with shorts, they look great with slim fits too.

Trousers and shorts

Believe it or not, you can wear shorts with a beautiful button down in checkered pattern. For trousers, you can stick with plain jeans. Don’t add distress or any patterns here. However, the best option is chinos. They are smart as well as casual and they can add a hint of color to your ensemble with ease.

Ready to look cool this summer in smart casuals? Tell me what you think about this look and ask your questions in the comments below.

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