Every Man Needs A Tailor for His Wardrobe- Here Is Why

  • December, 12

Have you always bought store labels and never been to a tailor before? It is high time you consider the latter.

A tailor is a man’s best friend. He can help you look your stylish best and ensure that you never have a bad day with your clothes. The best thing about knowing and befriending a tailor? He contributes to your look like no one else can.

Here are a few reasons why every man needs a tailor.

He is your personal stylist

Of course, not all of us can afford stylists. We are not Hollywood celebs or fashion models and we don’t need to look our best for the paparazzi. However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to look good at all. If you know a tailor who is equipped with the knowledge of your personal style and preferences, it will be easy to select the right clothes for the right occasions and get them fitted to perfection as well.

Imagine, you will never have to wear a jacket that droops a little from the shoulders. The tailor always creates well-fitted pieces that will slide on like second skin. You are almost always guaranteed a perfect, crisp look.

He can do the little amendments

Bought shirt or trousers that are a little too loose for you? Lost some weight or gained some? Want to wear that old shirt but it has a small cut? All these problems can be handled by your tailor with ease and that too by the time your office hours end. If you have store bought clothes that need any alterations to be fitted to size, your tailor should be the first person you call.

There is just one trick…

Don’t change your tailor too often. In fact, if you could, you should stick with one tailor for years. Tailors understand your body type, your style and help you get the best look possible. Over the years, tailors will understand your style and preferences deeply so that you get a great fit each time. If you keep changing the tailor frequently, you risk starting the process all over again.

In fact, your tailor could be a very good friend to you. He can help you find the best fabrics and even suggest some good cuts for your body type, occasion or your profession. These days, good tailors are hard to find. Store bought products are cheaper and more readily available. Moreover, tailoring of suits and shirts could be more expensive. You may also have to put some thought into selecting the right fabric etc.

This doesn’t mean that tailoring is a waste of money. In fact, with a good tailor by your side, you can create statement clothing for yourself that will last for the next several years, customized according to your needs and fitted to perfection if the need be. If you really care about your style, then befriending a tailor is a must. Find one for yourself and make sure you take styling tips for him regularly.

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