Millennial Fashion Inspiration from Young but Stylish Men

  • September, 4

Fashion is changing at a faster pace for men than we have ever witnessed before. This said, we must also understand that there is an opportunity for everyone to find their own fashion inspiration. The best thing about living in 2018 is that there is no single trend taking over the market. There is something for everyone.

Do you like to take style inspiration from celebrities? If yes, then check out the wardrobe and style guides of the coolest young celebrities.

Timothee Chalamet

He is as hot as Tom Hiddleston, only younger. The 22-year-old has a wardrobe any grown man can envy. He is very effortlessly stylish and he always makes sure that he looks amazing. He has a very simple style statement but he always manages to look plush. He knows that the classics are always a great way to dress up so in all his public appearances, he opts for dinner jackets and a solid variety of blazers. He hasn’t shied away from velvet suits too.

In casuals, he sticks to the crew neck T-shirts which look elegant and very stylish. He isn’t afraid to mix up matte colors with shiny fabrics as well. Overall, his wardrobe exudes confidence and he always manages to look super stylish. To follow his style, opt for several dinner jackets and blazers. They always look dapper and you can never go wrong with them, no matter what the occasion.

Fionn Whitehead

If you are looking for a young dapper gentleman to take fashion inspiration from, just check out the latest pics of Fionn Whitehead. He is always sleek, classic and clean and manages to look smart and confident at all times. He doesn’t mind a silk lapel. Often, you will see Whitehead in the classic outfits but he doesn’t mind playing around with the fabrics and designs a little.

The change is often very subtle but it manages to breathe new life into the old but stylish look. He wears some razor-sharp suits and brings on that awesome 50s vibe. You can do the same. Just make sure everything is fitted to a T. With colors, stick only the naturals and focus on solids instead of pastels. Add a nice suit brooch or small accessory in gold to match the look and don’t forget to add some awesome pairs of black and brown shoes to the mix.

Joe Keery

He is young, popular and knows exactly how to dress for the occasion. Keery is also inspired from the 1950s style, but he adopts a more casual new-school vintage vibe as compared to Whitehead, who adopts the more formal and sleek look.

Keery’s hairstyle is definitely from the 50s. He has a nice collection of collared shirts and leather bombers are always a delight. For formal occasions, he sticks to check suits and even knitted ties with tie bars.

Do you think you could make some stylish changes to your wardrobe following these Hollywood heartthrobs? If yes, then start following their social accounts now to get a more in-depth look at their style.

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