Offline Shopping or Online Shopping- An Essential Question Answered

  • November, 30

Online shopping is amazing. It gives you a chance to look at the latest fashion trends, buy what you might never even look at in the stores and even try new things on. It is easier to scroll through hundreds of style ideas on these online fashion retail stores. The best thing about them? They have some crazy discount deals as well. You can buy affordable luxury at these stores with ease.

The perks of offline shopping

While online shopping comes with its own set of lucrative benefits, offline shopping is the best way to buy clothes. In fact, the higher the quality of clothes you want to buy, the more you will have to focus on offline shopping. I have always focused on the fact that the fit of a cloth is more important than its fabric, design or even color. If you have all the right ingredients for a perfect outfit, but go wrong with the fit, your impression will be ruined in seconds.

This is why offline shopping is so important. It helps you in trying clothes and get a more hands on experience with different brands.

The biggest problem with pictures

When you look at a certain cloth on a model, you may easily believe that the cloth will give you the same fit and the same look. This cannot be farther from the truth. The model who is sporting the dress could have a completely different size or body shape. You will never know how something looks on you. Even two people with the same body shape could fit into clothes differently, simply because of different proportions, height, weight, complexion or age.

Pictures of clothes are never the actual representation of what a cloth will feel like on your skin. Unless you are superman who can judge the quality of the cloth just by looking at it, be the Batman at the store and adopt a more practical approach. Try the cloth, adjust the fit to see if you look good and don’t forget to play a little with colors. Of course, it will consume more time than you would ideally like. However, this time is worth investing.

Is online shopping just a bad idea?

No. When it comes to buying staples like a regular tee or some accessories, online shopping can actually help you look through more variety. You could even get a decent discount. If you are completely sure about the brand, the size and the fit (along with the color), you can always buy online. Here, you are sure that nothing could go wrong. If you are experimenting with clothes or are buying something expensive, I suggest you avoid online shopping altogether.

For suits, online shopping is a complete no-no. Get a suit tailored to your needs. I specially recommend online shopping for buying accessories. You will find some of the coolest scarves, belts, wallets and watches from the best brands in the world at a cheaper price online. Gym wear is also a good option for online shopping. If you find one, just go for it!

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