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Calling all fashion fans – this is your time to shine. A great fashion dedicated website would not be a great site if it did not allow all its followers the opportunity to contribute their own fashion knowledge and expertise.

Here at, I want to encourage every single person who visits this site to feel the confidence and enthusiasm to submit their very own fashion experiences to the site in the form of a blog post.

If you have been looking for a place online to part with all your fashion tips, advice or general fashion-related stories, here is that very place for you to begin at.

Take a bit of time to read through this extensive article, which details what I am looking for in a blog post, and then get your written piece to me directly at

Write for My Website to Help the Wider Community

This website is dedicated to anyone and everyone who has some form of interest in the world of fashion. You may be a newbie to the industry and want to know how to make the best of those beautiful catwalk creations. You might feel you are ready for a change and want to discover what the latest trends are. You may even be a photographer or a potential fashion designer merely looking for some inspiration.

Whoever you are, and whatever your level of experience is, this is the website where you will find all those relevant articles and a lot more besides to help you through your fashion-fueled journey!

This is a vast fashion community of fashion fans whom each share the same passion as each other and therefore want to access a website which encourages that passion and further develop it through its knowledgeable blog posts.

By writing a guest blog post for the site you, therefore, encourage the community spirit of the site and allow those like-minded individuals to grow in this wonderful industry.

After searching long and hard for a website that could offer valuable and practical fashion content all in the one place, I tired of trying to access multiple platforms for my content. This was also a dominant driving force behind my decision to create, and I hope that you will not have to waste valuable time scouring the internet for such material, as it is all available here with just one click!

Topics of Interest Available for Blog Post Submissions

There are many topics of interest on this website which I believe will appeal to a vast majority of visitors who click on the site with the intentions of finding good quality articles. The current list includes the following subjects:

  • Accessories
  • Fashion Events
  • Fashion News
  • Hairstyles
  • Lifestyle
  • Makeup
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Photography
  • Shoes
  • Travel Fashion
  • Urban Fashion
  • Women’s Fashion

Hopefully, this extensive list is enough to get those creative writing juices flowing and provide a wealth of inspiration to help guide you through your blogs structure. However, if you feel that you still in need of a little encouragement in penning that fantastic blog post for the first time, here are just a few sample article titles to give you a bit more guidance to get you going:

  • What Are the Best Types of Accessories to Add to My Work Wardrobe?
  • How Do I get Started in The World of Fashion?
  • Tips for Creating That Perfect Salon Look Outside of the Hairdressers or Barbers.
  • What Apps Should I Download to Help with My Beauty Regimes?

Who Can Contribute to My Blog?

I am often asked what requirements I have for those who are looking at writing for my blog, and it would seem that many people are pleasantly surprised by my answer to this! Quite frankly, if you have a passion for fashion and would like to share such enthusiasm with the broader community, then you are the very person I want to contribute to this blog!

Sometimes we all need that extra bit of encouragement, and nowhere is that more evident than in the fashion world. Having worked hard to get to the position I am currently in, I know how much being given a chance, an opportunity and a break are of paramount importance if you are going to get onto the fashion ladder.

I am therefore only interested in how good your intended blog post subject is, rather than your writing style or spelling ability! I do not want anyone to feel excluded from this website, so I do not need you to have writing qualifications or even any prior blog writing experience.

Think of this as your chance to get your very own fashion knowledge on the page and in front of a massive audience of 12,400 likeminded individuals. I will even credit your name pride of place next to your article, as well as give a shout out to a social media account of yours if you would like me to!

Writing about something you are passionate about should be empowering and build an added confidence in you regarding your abilities. Approach it with fun, and I guarantee you an immense sense of achievement once you see your published piece online, that you will more than likely continue to write such posts for a long time afterward!

It is Easy to Submit A Guest Post to My Blog

Once you have written up your blog post, all that remains for you to do is to hit the send button, and that is basically all there is to submit to this website! Fashion is not a complicated process, so why should writing and offering a blog piece on the process be difficult?

I am okay with you writing up your entire post in one go, and then submitting it to me for consideration. All you need to do is send it to my direct email address at

Alternatively, you may feel as though you would like to discuss the potential of your chosen blog posts subject. If so, that is also perfectly fine with me, and I would encourage you to fill in the contact form below and let me know what’s on your mind.

Either way, both myself and an eager 12,400 visitors are just waiting to read your thoughts! So, without further ado, write and publish your post here.