How to Reach Your Fashion Goals on Beast Mode

  • May, 11

Whether you want to be a dapper gentleman or rock the aesthetics of a rapper, rocker or a pop star, creating and reaching fashion goals is easy. All you have to do is follow the right advice. Many men don’t look at styling and fashion as an essential. They just go to stores and buy whatever their regular choices are without thinking twice about creating a persona with the help of their clothes.

Whether or not you want to impress people around you, it is always great to exuberate your personality through your clothes. Will you ever see a death metal artist dressed in 6 different contrasting and colorful shades? Certainly not. This is how clothes define a man. You need to portray yourself in a much better way. Here is how to do it.

What’s your personality?

Never follow the trends and focus on your own unique personality instead. Are you a sleek and mannered gentleman in the office and a party animal on weekends? Dress accordingly. Are you a dad proud of your checkered shirts, plain shorts and an awesome trench coat? Dress that way. Are you an executive rushing on his way to success? Don’t even think about wearing a white t-shirt under your plain oversized work shirt.

Your personality decides the fashion you will choose. Unless your personality is all about embracing the latest fashion, trends and showing them off the world (which will be true if you are a runway model) focus on the unique aspects of your persona to decide a good look. Trends don’t matter. So, don’t focus much on them.

Always buy offline

If you really want to transform your style and look your best, ditch online shopping and go to a local store instead. Get ready to spend one day or an entire weekend on shopping. Always remember to carry a friend along. People can often see you in ways you can’t see yourself in the mirror. They can often adequately judge if something looks good on you, especially from a distance.

Try every cloth hands on. Play with different colors, designs and fits and don’t forget to try something that fits the image you want to cultivate. Don’t be afraid to try. You may come across something that suits you well but you never bought before. Don’t buy before you try.

It’s not just about clothes

No matter what your fashion goals are, make sure that you pay equal attention to your accessories. The most important of them all are shoes. You should ideally own a couple of footwear you can use for work, at least one for the weekends/parties and one for home use. Of course, you can build your collection slowly but this is a good point to start.

Belts and wallets are the next essentials. Remember, keep them simple and timeless. Don’t go for anything too ornate. The same is true for ties, scarves and handkerchiefs. Focus more on quality of the accessories. It doesn’t matter if you own only two belts and one wallet as long as they are of supreme quality.

Just three tips for beast mode fashion transformation? Nothing else. Well, these three tips are all you need for a change. Try them today and experience the difference.

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