SelectingThe Best Suit for your Teenage Boy

  • June, 7

Choosing a suit for a teenage boy can be a minefield to step through, between teenage rebellion and the problems of finding a suit which fits a growing body properly, however with a few steps it can become an easier experience.

The first suit for your teenager is a big milestone in their and your lives, marking a growing up period and it’s important to get the suit right, so they can feel confident and grown up, but still feel like themselves.

Here are a few key tips on selecting the right suit for a teenage boy:

  1. Look for the perfect fit

It’s important that your teenage boy feels confident and comfortable in his first suit so make sure the fit is perfect. If you can’t go for a bespoke tailored suit, then opt for a suit which can be altered to fit.

Your teenager will feel awkward in a suit anyway, as he is not used to it, but at least if it fits properly he won’t be fiddling with sleeves that are too long or stressing over trousers that are too short.

Having a suit which fits perfectly is the key to ensuring your teenage boy is confident in his own skin and sets him on a great start of choosing the best men’s formalwear.

  1. Choose smart shoes

While trainers might be the natural choice for most teenage boys, wearing a suit with trainers will not create a good look so treat your teenager to some new, smart dress shoes as part of the suit shopping experience.

Shoes can make or break an outfit and your teenage boy will want to create a good impression in his new suit so up the game and go for a pair of traditional black lace-up shoes and teach him how to polish them and look after them.

  1. Choose good quality fabric

While your teenager is still growing and might well grow out of the suit quite quickly, it is good to invest in one that is good quality and made of a decent fabric, so that he starts appreciating quality in clothing from the very beginning.

Starting with a smart, high quality suit will create a great impression, whereas if you buy a cheap fabric and your son doesn’t like what he sees in the mirror, it will make it much harder to persuade him to wear it.

  1. Dress for his age

While you are choosing a suit for your teenager, remember that he is still a teenager so don’t go for an incredibly formal business suit, or one that looks like it belongs at a funeral. He will still want to add his own dash of individuality so allow him some freedom of choice and be flexible when it comes to colours and patterns.

  1. Let him choose accessories

When it comes to what he wears with the suit, give your teenager a chance to choose his own shirt, tie and if he wants to wear a waistcoat or not, or a pocket square, or not. Be open to letting him choose colours and patterns that you wouldn’t necessarily pick but offer advice if there is a dress code which needs adhering to at an event.

If he is worried about fussing with elements like cufflinks and fancy collars then let him choose a shirt he is most comfortable with.

  1. Go for classical

While teenagers like to be trendy, when it comes to a suit its best to stick with traditional, particularly for a first suit. Advise your teenager not to be swayed by what celebrities are wearing and help to guide them towards traditional, while retaining their individuality in other ways.

  1. Opt for versatility

If your teenager is reluctant to wear a suit, then show him how versatile it can be, wearing the jacket with jeans for a smarter look for nights out, for example, or wearing the white smart shirt with casual trousers rather than a t-shirt. Open your teenagers eyes to all of the options which are possible with every element of a suit, rather than just seeing it as a formal outfit.


Buying the first suit for your teenage boy is a big milestone in his and your life, marking a key point on his journey into adulthood and with some forethought and planning it can be a very enjoyable experience for both of you.

Making sure the suit is of good quality, fits perfectly and still allows him to express his unique teenage individuality will go a long way to helping him fall in love with dressing up and taking pride in his appearance.

Getting the right first suit will help guide your teenager towards becoming a stylish and well- groomed man in the future, with an appreciation for colours, patterns and matching accessories to create a trend all of his own.

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