How to Shop for The Perfect Clothes Every Time You Are at A Store

  • January, 25

Have you ever looked at a shirt on a mannequin and wondered how it will look on you, without even trying it? Have you ever bought it home just to realize that it is a little too tight for you and makes you look bigger than you are?

Have you ever bought a jumper from a certain brand for size M just because you another brand’s size M fits you well? Did you ever come back home to find that it is too baggy for your body? Don’t worry. This is a very common mistake that men make while buying clothes.

Women are more fashion aware-especially when it comes to size, fabrics, textures, styles and even colors of clothes. Most men would simply go and buy things because they liked them or because everyone else was wearing one. While times are changing and men have started to learn the tricks of the game, they are not quite there yet.

If you are one of those who haven’t given your shopping habits an afterthought, this post is for you. Here is how you can shop for the perfect clothes every time you are at the store, in just three easy steps.

The fit is everything

Forget about the color, pattern, texture and fabric and focus on the fit first. You should know the right size in a certain brand as well as the desired fit. Remember, different brands have slight differences in their sizing. Don’t take a second chance with your size. If you are uncertain, hit the trial rooms and find out what suits your needs the most. Check out different types of fit options available. Slim fits are almost always a good idea but regular fits are just as great.

The shape of your body

Men’s body shapes are almost as versatile as women’s. You find top heavy and bottom-heavy shapes. Some men are built equally along the silhouette with hip and shoulder width almost similar. You could also be plus size or just be sporting a beer belly. These differences could completely change the shape and the size of the clothes you are wearing.

For example, men with a heavy beer belly may have to buy t-shirts a size bigger than what fits them. Men with lean frames often have to look twice as hard to find the right jeans that doesn’t make their legs look too thin. Take the shape of your body into account while buying clothes. You may want to accentuate your shoulders or hide your belly or even out thinner legs with regular fit jeans.

The color

You don’t worry about color, do you? Well you should. Your complexion has two tones. Apart from the color of your skin, you also need to focus on undertones. For example, men with a slightly dark complexion and red undertones will look better in orange or red orange sweaters while paler men with blue undertones will look better in a cherry red sweater. Just knowing what the undertone of your skin is and which colors suit it perfectly will help you buy better every time.

Ready for buying better when you hit the store this time? Let me know your experiences in the comments below.

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