Spaces and Places: Vape Edition

  • November, 29

Whilst we define vaping as taking advantage of modern day electronic-devices to transport nicotine to the human body, in simpler terms you could think of a vape as a fancier cigarette.

Although vaping does not produce smoke, unlike its combustible rival, it uses aerosol to produce the vapours when as individual smokes. The e-liquid (as they call it) mainly contains nicotine, flavours and other chemicals. With there being more than fifteen thousand vape flavours at clubs today, vaping has taken over the world by a storm upon its initial release in 2007.

Now when we talk about vapes, what do we really mean? And how many versions of it actually exist? Usually termed as “vaping devices” these vapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending upon the seller and brand. Whilst you may be more interested to know about vape flavours, the seller and the shape of vapes are just as important once you give it a thought.   There is a site where you can get a lot of information on this type of stuff.

The Pen

This is one device that cannot be recognized. Despite being larger than an actual cigarette, this shape became popular due to the many occasions you could bring this to. Whilst some people may realize what you’ve got there (all the potential vape-indulging individuals that is) it’s a shape that comes in handy and unlike other vapes, does not look out of place. Next time you want to catch a breather from work you know where the pen’s at.

The one with the right scent

A little goes a long way and when talking about scents, it is essential that you not only look but smell your best. Whilst male fragrances are also sexist, by sending out an aura of confidence and maturity through notes of bergamot and fenugreek, use this to your advantage next time you’re out on a special occasion. Since the ability to sense smell is a strong one, this one’s going to leave an impression and you want to make sure it’s a good one. Choose a vape that does the job justice.

Night in the town

Out and about is another great time to put your vape device to use. Whilst many are habitual drinkers, if you’re not a fan of the drinking fandom (or hangovers, let’s just be honest) vaping is probably your best bet. It’s in no way a compromise on feeling better, and protects you from the after effects of partying in general, so consider this a win.

Me Myself and I

Sometimes there is no social gathering, or people or friends or any sign of a rave party. However that shouldn’t stop you from indulging in some quality time with yourself by laying back and letting that awful cloud of horrible thoughts go by vaping. Sensual flavours like vanilla prove to be relaxing and put your mind at ease after a tough day. Although I do not recommend you switching your cup of green tea for vaping-the activity is good for times when you need more than just your average beverage.

The market is flooded with vape flavours. So many that there’s one for every occasion. Perhaps you could remember these times with not just pictures but your favourite vape as well.

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