Tight Clothes Are Uncool and Not Masculine at All!

  • July, 7

Tight clothes are a great way to show off your physique and accentuate all the right parts in your body. However, it is very easy to go wrong with tight fitting clothes. Chosen mostly by gym freaks and the so-called ‘masculine’ men, tight clothes have now become the epitome of fashion blunders and you must stay away from them at all costs.

The verdict is out. Tight clothes are uncool and they are nowhere close to masculine.

Tight clothes look tacky

No matter how much you want to show your muscles off, an extremely tight t-shirt or jeans makes you look tacky. It shows that you have no idea about how clothes fit. You are giving off the vibe that you have forgotten to buy new clothes since you bulked up. Don’t make people believe that you have no idea how clothes work.

Tight clothes are often a sign of lack of fashion sense. You don’t know what fits you, so you buy whatever shows off your body. This happens with all kinds of clothing, whether a plain t-shirt or a suit. If the clothes look like they were sprayed on, you have just ruined your impression.

Slim fits are better

There is no point trying to look bigger than your size. You should ideally have clothes with a regular fit that helps you look smart and decently dressed. If you want to show off a little, make sure you are buying a slim fit. Such fit in clothes is always a good way to show off your awesome physique without overdoing it.

The taper that comes in slim fit clothes helps you in showing off your muscles without the ‘in your face masculinity’ that very tight clothes present. You are not living in the 70s where you had to grow a long beard and wear skin tight clothes to show that you were a badass. In 2018, the best way to look like a great man is to wear clothes that fit you well.

Try this little experiment

Let’s do a small experiment that will help you understand fit in clothes better. If you wear size L, go to your favorite clothing store and get the same t-shirt in size XL and M as well. Now, try all three and take pictures. You will notice the difference that the size of clothes makes to your overall look.

Now, just choose a regular fit and a slim fit in the L size and see how your look is completely transformed. In the regular fit, your body’s shape may not be completely visible while in a slim fit, you could show off without going overboard.

Of course, different body types have different fit requirements. Choose the ones that suit your body shape and size the most and don’t fuss too much about being ‘masculine’ with tight clothes. In fact, masculine is the last thing you will look in clothes that are too tight to be worn by a man 2 sizes smaller than you. Be smart!

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