Top 3 Types of Footwear That You Should Say Goodbye To, Now!

  • April, 22

You may want to look like a dapper gentleman with a trench coat, a fedora hat and the 90s wickelpecker shoes. The truth is that none of these items are in fashion and you could look like a relic from a time gone by. I have witnessed many fashion forward men go wrong with their shoes. No matter how much some people try to create a good ensemble, they go wrong with the shoes.

Let me help you get rid of your bad shoes days. Here are the top 3 types of footwear that men should say goodbye to, now!

Square toed business shoes

Anything square toed belongs to a bygone era. They don’t look good and can convert any good business suit into a disaster. Sure, they could be comfortable but they are usually a bad idea when it comes to style. Instead, you should opt for a pair of derby. The classic oxford is a good shoe for work as well.

The square toed shoes don’t look good with any kind of work wear and if you are an average tie-wearing executive, you are already doing yourself a huge disfavor by wearing them. Always remember, the square toed variety only looks good with baggy suits and pants and they are thankfully out of fashion already.

Combat boots

If they are unlaced, they become even more of an eyesore. The combat boots were popularized by David Beckham but they are no longer in style and it is difficult to tell some people that. These combat boots are neither stylish nor comfortable. In fact, they come with baggy jeans (sometimes jeans that are too tight for comfort) and a ‘overly masculine man’ expression. It doesn’t look good and doesn’t make a good impression.

If you want to look like a tough man, just look good. Add some finesse to your style and you will be good to go. There is no need to ‘act tough’ or present that you are living in an 80s action movie.

Flip flops/Crocs

Seriously? Are you still wearing flip flops and crocs in 2018? You are committing a fashion crime and no one understands why. Unless you are gardening, crocs are not for you. They make your feet look like giant perforated fins. Also, wearing crocs in the sun is a huge mistake. They can create some polka dot like tans on your feet and they look bad.

Flip flops should be kept for moving around the house or even when you are making a barbecue in your backyard. They are not good for any other purpose and must definitely not be taken out, even if you are going grocery shopping. Look smart by wearing chinos paired with a t-shirt and wear comfortable loafers instead.

Footwear fashion blunders are very common. We often pay more attention to the clothes than we do to our footwear. Make sure that you don’t ruin your look.

Are there any other shoes that men should not wear in 2018? Let me know in the comments below.

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