How to Transform Your Wardrobe from College Grad to Young Professional

  • August, 24

Moving from college to your first real job is difficult and often stressful. You may suddenly have to change the way you have been living, your schedule will now match your dad’s and your wardrobe will scream for a change. This transformation will not be easy but it will be a life changing moment for sure.

If you have recently entered the workforce after college (or will soon be) this is the ultimate guide you will need to change your wardrobe and your outlook on life. Ready? Here we go.

Keep fitting a top priority

Before I tell you what all to buy and what to leave behind, let me tell you the ultimate sin of recent graduates. College clothes could be too loose or too tight for comfort. However, when you enter the workforce, you need clothes that make you look smart and give you all day comfort too.

A good fit should be your top priority, no matter which clothes you are buying. Now understand this- a good fit doesn’t mean slipping into spandex each day. A good fit always remains snugly conforming your body shape while giving you ample room to breathe. If your shirt buttons start showing gaps in between after you have had dinner, you probably need to buy a better fit. This is especially true in the case of shirts and suits. Never compromise with the fit.

Forget the trends

When you are finally transition into adult life, you need to focus less on fashion trends and more on timeless styles. Remember, in the beginning of your career, a good impression is extremely important for you. You don’t want to be too colorful or too stylish when it comes to workwear.

You can, of course, experiment with casuals. However, the classics and their updated versions are always better than the latest trends. This is because trends fade out very soon and you cannot afford to look like a broke college student anymore.

Quality is better than quantity

Always remember that you don’t need to have 15 different work clothes. It’s cool if you have them but as a beginner, you can stick to 5 different looks, one for each day of the week. Apart from this, you should have some spare shirts or jackets that you could mix and match for a different look. This helps you in staying fresh while not experimenting with too many clothes.

At first, such styling will look boring but you will eventually realize that it is better to stick to such crisp wardrobe items only. As you move on, start adding more clothes to the wardrobe but always make sure that your clothing item fits more than one look. You don’t too many clothes to look sleek and professionals. Stick to the quality stuff and you will continue looking great.

Get ready for the biggest event in your life. When you first start working, you will find many fashion inspirations from your colleagues too. Keep an eye on what the general rule of dressing is in your new office and dress accordingly.

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