Interviews/Media Inquiries

A significant part of working in the fashion industry is making many valuable and extremely friendly contacts with various media outlets! I am always willing to dispense with my ideas, knowledge, and expertise with anybody wishing to speak to me regarding current industry matters. I am therefore readily available for all interview and media inquiries directly through the website.

Whether you are a magazine wishing to interview me on the latest catwalk trends, a radio station looking to gauge my reaction to current fashion unveilings, a TV producer keen to access my stylist advice or maybe even another website fascinated with my photography career. Whatever the inquiry or reason for reaching out to me, I will respond to all of those who take the time out to get in touch with me.

I have worked alongside various media outlets for many years in my profession and it because of this exposure that I understand how valuable interviews and media requests can be for all publications and outlets, so I ensure that I make time to listen and discuss potential collaborations as such regarding every inquiry received.

I have already contributed to many a magazine and newspaper looking for responses on current fashion news, alongside working with a couple of radio hosts offering them my varied experience when it comes to fashion insider tips and advice. I have also had the pleasure of working with several television and film productions and providing my expertise as a fashion consultant, both on the big screen and on required photo shoots.

If you would like to access any of my services further, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at, or by completing a contact form, and we can arrange to discuss the potential of such collaborations in further detail.