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    The world of fashion is so varied, vast and exciting and there are so many people out there who would love to be able to play a part in this industry.

    At, I would love for all of those visiting the site to feel as though they can get in touch with me and talk freely about this exciting industry. Therefore, I am readily available to speak to all visitors via my direct email address,

    Alternatively, I also have a few ways in which you can take part in the development of the site and be a part of the broader fashion community that the site attracts daily:

    Write and Submit a Guest Blog Post For

    One of the simplest ways to become a part of this website is to offer me and the thousands of people who use the site for their fashion bible, your very own written blog post and submit it for publication on these very pages!

    You could possibly be a fashion industry expert, who likes to advise others on the best styles, a keen photographer, or even just an everyday person who just loves being able to talk about clothes and styles online. Whoever you are, I would like for you to combine your knowledge, expertise, and passion and write a blog post for the site so that everyone can benefit from what you have to say.

    If this sounds like an interesting proposition, look at the Publish A Guest Post section of the site for further details.

    Purchase Ad Space On

    Another great way to get involved in this website is to take out your very own advertisement and get your products or services noticed by an astonishing number of 12,400 visitors to the site!

    Advertising online is hugely popular because it generates so much interest, alongside so much potential profit. If your company has a link to fashion in any sense, I have the audience just waiting for you here on this very website.

    If you are looking to attract a substantial fashion orientated audience, see the Advertise Here section of the site to read through the further benefits of such an opportunity.

    Hire Filipe Damazzio For Fashion Services

    I have two specialties in the fashion industry. One is as a fashion photographer, and the other is as a fashion consultant. Working as a freelancer means I can offer my specialist services to businesses or individuals who would like to work alongside me and access my vast experience and creativity in this thriving sector.

    If you would like the opportunity to collaborate with me on an upcoming fashion project or would like to interview me about current fashion topics, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss the possibilities of such an arrangement.

    Take a further look at the sections on the site including, Hire Filipe For Fashion Consulting, Hire Filipe To Get Photos for Your Magazine, Hire Filipe For Fashion Photo Shooting and Interviews/Media Inquiries with Filipe Damazzio.

    Provide Feedback On

    My aim with this website is to make it the best there is when it comes to providing visitors with their relevant and essential fashion-related content. However, it is only with your help that I can continue to do this successfully.

    Therefore, if you have any comments or feedback on how the site is progressing, please let me know. Tell me what you think about the layout and structure and whether the content is enough for your reading pleasure.

    Additionally, any positive encouragement would be gratefully received at this end, as the only way I know I’m getting it right for all of you who visit on a regular basis, is if you tell me so!