Luka Sabbat vs Levi Dylan- Who to Follow for Your Casual Style Inspiration?

  • March, 2

Dressing up for a casual occasion may not be easy but you get to remain confident and comfortable. Most men find it easier to dress for formal occasions. The dress codes are simpler and we feel more comfortable in getting dressed as the good old gentleman. When it comes to casuals, spoiling the look could be as easy as 1-2-3.

If you want to update your causal style and look better when you are not wearing oxfords and razor-cut suits, follow the celebs. Today, we will take a peek into the style statements of Luka Sabbat and Levi Dylan, two young fashion forward elite and compare their styles for a casual look.

Levi Dylan

He has the looks of a young Tony Stark (Iron Man) and gives you serious fashion goals with his effortless style. What I love about Dylan’s style is that his wardrobe is quite versatile. He doesn’t follow what is trendy. Instead, he focuses on what suits his body type and his personal style the most. Even though he is a fashion model, he doesn’t really pay heed to the trends much.

He goes for a lot of printed options which makes him look casual and quirky. The leather jackets are always black, sometimes leather, which adds a completely different layer to his look. It is sleek, slimming and solid and hiding a quirky pattern behind. Such contrasts make his look even more attractive. He isn’t afraid to take risks and has a bold style too. He doesn’t mind a Cuban collared shirt with floral patterns or loafers with tiger motifs which makes him an even better.

Luka Sabbat

He is Instagram’s fashion sensation and has amassed 850,000 followers. He has everything a millennial wants in his causal wardrobe. Whether you are a hipster or a chic professional, his style brings in a new breeze to your wardrobe. He has perfect the high-end streetwear, which combined with his distinguished hair locks, makes him every bit of a fashion icon.

Luka Sabbat is not a brand fanatic and you will find a wide variety of logos in his wardrobe-from the most expensive to the more accessible types. His whole idea of mixing and matching modern designs with classic outfits has given his casual look a facelift and it looks good too. You will find everything in his wardrobe, right from textured to printed pieces and a formidable mix or old and new. His idea of a great causal look? Just combine a staple with something bold and attractive and you are good to go.

Need some more style inspiration? Look at the causal style of Lil Yatchy. Though some people consider that his style is way too bold and outrageous (as is common for most rappers) you have to admit that he is a little different from the rest. His wardrobe is always bang on and he knows exactly what he need to wear to make a statement wherever he goes.

Who is your favorite for the casual/street style? Let me know in the comments below.

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