How to Look Like A Rich and Handsome Athlete

  • March, 15

Athletes are all a rage in a fashion scene. Hollywood superstars often fade out in comparison to the slick moves and the jaw dropping looks of basketball and football players.

Do you want to look as good as these players and adopt their awesome fashion sense too? Here are a few tips that will enhance your personal style and make you look like a rich and handsome athlete.

Gold eye frames

Sunglasses are the epitome of smart male accessories. This season, opt for thin frame sunglasses and make sure they are gold. Nothing suits a man’s style like a little gold and you must definitely add this look to your collection. Remember, the frames have to be very lightweight and thin. Chunky frames are a thing of the past now.

You can opt for beautifully tinted sunglasses or even thin gold framed prescription glasses. Round sunglasses are perfect for this season. However, you will find a beautiful collection of these gold frame glasses in square shapes too. Aviators are still a classic favorite. If you have any doubt about the shape or don’t want to take very high fashion risks, just opt for the gold frame aviators and you will be good to go.

Tiny bags

You want to move around town in style? Don’t forget to carry a tiny bag with you. These little bags look like pouches but are the sexiest, most amazing accessories that you can carry this season. These tiny bags are called dopp kits and they are one of the dopest luggage we have seen in a while. The biggest designers are working on these kits with Louis Vuitton being a favorite for countless reasons. You can get these dopp kits designed by many NBA players too.


If you have followed the Instagram account of any popular athlete in the past 1 year, you will know that blazers are a craze. They look cool and can be fitted to any occasion. Whether you are going to meet a client or a date, a blazer jacket is all you need to make the right impression. Team them up with trousers or simply opt for a nice pair of jeans to go along with it.


It looks awesome, gives you some much needed bling and add extra richness to your style. If you are going casual or even business casual, a little jewelry will do no harm. For more casual occasions, choose rings and necklaces (make sure they are not too chunky). For all other occasions, stick to suit brooches. They look amazing on solid colored blazer jackets and they always make the best impression when they are gold.

It isn’t difficult or even expensive to add more layers of style to your wardrobe. All you have to do is check out what’s in fashion, sort by things that suit you the most and get them. The right fashion will instantly boost your image and make you look richer and more powerful, regardless of the setting you are placed in.

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