The Top 5 Fashion Tips That Every Man Needs

  • June, 12

Aren’t there too many websites, blogs and YouTube channels providing fashion advice to women? What about men? Well, the resources are fewer and you may have a hard time figuring out who to follow. If you have similar problems, this post could be useful to you.

Here are 5 simple but useful fashion tips that every man needs.

Know your size and body shape

Take measurements. Yes. You should know the shape and size of your body. Don’t define yourself by size L or a brand X. You need to know what the exact measurements of your body are. You should also know which part of your body needs accentuation or hiding. Follow some good fashion advice blogs and find out which kind of clothes suit your body shape and size the most. It won’t take more than a weekend to become fully equipped with the kind of clothes that will fit you the most. Make the most of this new knowledge.

Focus on grooming

Bad grooming can spoil the appeal of any of your looks. So, make sure that you are always well groomed. Find out the hairstyle that suits your face the most. Pay attention to your profession before choosing a style. Opt for something that you can manage with ease but makes you look great at the same time. Find out if you want to keep facial hair or not. If yes, then what is the best beard style that you would like? Will it be a stubble or a full growth? Will you just keep a moustache instead? Decide and make sure that it is always well groomed and well maintained with some tips from Get Shave Advice.

Casual doesn’t mean tacky

Are you wearing baggy jeans that are distressed like they were abandoned for a few years by a man 2 sizes bigger than you? Are you always wearing sneakers with every outfit? Change the way you dress up casually. Too many men around have great formal looks that make them look crisp and hot. However, their casual looks are an absolute disaster. They wear shorts, flip flops and supersized t-shirts that make them look like a lonely alien stuck on earth. Casual can be smart too.

Don’t fuss over brands

You can get really cool styles at affordable stores as well. In fact, you can learn a little about fabrics and fits and get clothes tailored to your measurements as well. Don’t be too obsessed with brands. Of course, some good branded pieces could always fit into your wardrobe, but you can always mix high-end style with street fashion.

Focus on accessories

Unless you are a rapper who has to make a statement in the world of music in a flashy music video, you can safely avoid chunky jewelry and big statement jewelry. Keep your accessories to the barest minimum. Most stylists agree that accessories should be simple and timeless. Heavily embellished belts are not as good as a quality leather belt with brass buckles.

Ready to take the world of fashion head on? Which one of these styling tips did you need the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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